Foreign Trade Operations
In Your Every Process


We need to produce customized solutions so that importers and exporters can compete in world trade. We provide insurance service with international safety standards.

With a strong network structure in Europe and Middle East, we are able to deliver your import, export complex and partial TIR shipments to every point in time, smoothly and safely.


Today, within the scope of several logistics activities such as logistics, overflow, customs and warehousing, we continue to provide services with low risk of functionality and all positive work on behalf of the customer in the solutions produced for the customer, the supplier.


In customs clearance, we are in contact with the importing and exporting companies in order to understand the customer needs in the foreign trade activities and to develop appropriate services, and to accumulate knowledge and experience in customs policy, administrative decisions, laws.

We provide flexible solutions and cost-effective services to airline passengers according to the needs of our customers. We are with you everywhere in the world.

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