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1 . IMPORT PROCEDURES * Inward Processing Regime applications, * Following the travel and document information of the goods from the shipping company, * Making the bill of lading endorsements of the documents (if any), * Classifying the original approved related documents and delivering them to the operations department, * Starting the customs acceptance and registration process, and inspecting the goods, * In case of deficiency, damage or error, keeping the minutes and informing the relevant units, * Making the relevant guarantee or tax payments by making accruals, * Physical delivery of the goods to the address specified in the instruction given by the relevant company, * Delivering the documents to you with the document delivery form.
2. EXPORT PROCEDURES * Conducting feasibility study regarding the goods to be exported, * G.T.İ.P. * Obtaining a health certificate * Obtaining membership to the relevant exporter associations according to the type of goods * Obtaining the Ministry of Health Control Certificate * Obtaining the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Control Certificate * Obtaining the Ministry of Environment Control Certificate * SAN. and TİC. Obtaining a Control Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs * Preparation of the customs declaration of the goods to be exported and completion of the operation procedures, * Following the customs procedures of the loaded vehicle, * Following the temporary export transactions and their duration, * Delivering the documents to you with the document delivery form, * Closing the customs exit declaration, * Closed customs clearance Delivery of the exporter's copy of the exit declarations to the firm.
3. TRANSIT-(RE-EXPORT) OPERATIONS The shipment of goods purchased from a country to a buyer in another country, after arriving at the Turkish customs, is subject to the provisions of the transit regime. We accelerate the trade of our customers by ensuring that the customs clearance procedures of transit cargoes coming from one country and transiting to another country are carried out quickly, accurately and economically.

4. FOREIGN TRADE TRANSACTIONS The necessary permission and permission of the Ministry * Inward processing permission certificate * Investment incentive certificate * Quota documents ( Import and Surveillance License Obtainment ) * Control certificate * Health certificate * Commodity exchange * Agricultural quarantine * Membership of exporters and importers unions and your document follow-ups are concluded in a short time under the guarantee of our company.

6.TEMPORARY ACCEPTANCE PROCEDURES 7. FREE ZONE OPERATIONS Free zones are places where all entry and exit transactions are inspected by the relevant customs administration and the area around the zone is clearly closed. The material placed in the Free Zone is the material that is not in free circulation. It is brought into the Free Zone without being put into free circulation, provided that it is not used and consumed, except for the cases stipulated in the customs legislation. In this framework, the provisions of import, tax, duty, charge and foreign exchange legislation are not applied. Free Zones Establishment and Development Fund is collected from materials entering or leaving the zone. This fund is applied over the CIF value for the material entering the FOB value for the material leaving the Zone. A Free Zone transaction form is prepared for all import and export transactions made in free zones. The time that the material can stay in the free zones is unlimited. If you want to import from the free zone or export to the free zone, as we have tried to describe briefly, but do not want to deal with the procedures, we are always ready to offer you professional assistance. 8. TRANSFER FROM THE WAREHOUSE